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Asphalt Installation

Quality Blacktopping offers a range of services from commercial parking lots to residential driveways.  We have the manpower and equipment to get your job completed on time and within budget.


An "overlay" is the paving of a second layer of asphalt over existing asphalt. An overlay can be done when the existing asphalt is in overall good condition but may have some problem areas. Cracking, crumbling or sunken areas, can be cut out, patched and then a new layer can be paved.

New Installations

Asphalt is a flexible surface that has the ability to flex with use and slight movements of the base. Concrete relies on its own internal strength to absorb loads and bridge weaknesses in the sub-base.  Concrete costs significantly more than an asphalt surface of comparable strength.

Pot Holes

We're in Ohio and we expect pot holes.  Snow plows and high traffic areas, in combination with poorly installed lots and drives, can make for a bumpy ride.  Quality Blacktopping will help you asses the most efficient and cost effective method for ridding yourself of those craters.


According to the Asphalt Institute, the top three contributors to asphalt damage are “water, water, and water.” While we cannot control how much water falls out of the sky, we can employ strategies to manage water flow and drainage efficiently.

Line Striping

We offer complete in house striping services using professional line striping equipment and traffic grade paint.  We can restripe over your existing  lines or new layout per plans, along with name stencils, numbers and other ground markings.

Seal Coating

Seal Coating is a method of preserving asphalt paving. Not only does it give the dark black appearance back to asphalt but, it seals in rock pockets of the surface which prevents surface raveling. Seal Coating is applied by hand on smaller areas and by machine on larger projects.  All seal coating is done by our sister company, Blackdawg Seal Coat of Cincinnati

Crack Seal

There are 2 main reasons why you should seal the cracks in your asphalt.  The most important is to prevent moisture from causing the drive or lot to begin buckling. The second reason is pretty obvious.  When there are cracks, vegetation (weeds) will continue to eat away at the adjoining surface.


Repaving can be a cost effective alternative to a complete replacement. Quality Blacktopping will meet with you and your team/spouse to help provide and honest assessment of your needs based on the degree of cracking, crumbling or sunken areas.

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